Welcome one and all to my blog.This is my second blogging site . I am the author of thattangledfeminist@WordPress.com.However I wrote  some of those blogs two years ago ;I feel embarrassed reading them.  I don’t want to delete them due to the memories gained from them.  I suppose I’ll start from square one with no blogs or followers which I’ll hopefully build up.

A second reason why I started this blog is ; when I first invented the blog title ((thattangledfeminist)) I was very young and  into feminism. I still am; I know a lot more about feminism than what I did two years ago . I think I felt so strongly about it was because I got teased about it. when  writing on thattangledfeminist I felt as if everything I write has to have some link to feminism; I don’t want to feel like that anymore. Hence this new blog thatlittlebitofblonde the meaning is ambiguous and I don’t feel as restricted.

I aim to write one possibly two regular blogs per week on various topics some serious some not so ; topics I enjoy . Hopefully I will enjoy writing on this blog more and gain a regular audience.

Happy reading xx


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