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The Mistress of Autumn

The Mistress of Autumn,

You know she’s there.

Squirrel wrapped coat.

Long Raven hair.

“Men ,Oh men .”

She knows where you are.

Her fierce berry kiss..

Leaves a lasting scar.

 Poisonous breath, 

whispers lies in your ear.

Men! Be warned!

Do Not come near!

She will steal your soul and snap it in two.

The mistress of Autumn will tarnish you.

“Virgin.”, she says as she pulls you in.

“Daddy doesn’t allow this.”, she says with a grin.

You roll around in a bed of leaves. 

She sucks you dry.

“Oh Carry on please.”

She tempts, she teases, her arms like snakes . 

Once fucked, your body limp,

 like a rake.

“Have we quite finished?” She asks ,voice of sin.

“No, no carry on.” you say again 

Despite your sore foreskin.

The Mistress of Autumn has you under her spell.

 The Mistress of Autumn won’t treat you well.

The Mistress of Autumn entangles your arms.

“Oh God, Oh no”

You won’t leave unharmed.

Tossing and turning;

 You can’t leave.

The Mistress of Autumn knows she’s a tease.

“Virgin, a lie.” she remarks with glee.

“I thought as much.”  you reply confidently.
Whipped, stripped lying in chains.

The Mistress of Autumn knows you’re to blame.

She digs her nails into your cheek.

“I defeated you, man..I made you weak.”

She saunters off, with a gleeful smile.

” I make you vulnerable, you make me wild.”


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Dear Autumn

Light up my life,

Teach me to breathe.

Night is a blanket.

I need you to see.

Unmask the Darkness.

Cover the cold,

 Through rays of sunshine;

My eyes to behold.

Scatter the leaves, 

Into distant lands,

Majestic colours  into childrens hands.

Through  decay, keep things bright.

The night is drawing,

Out goes light.

Autumn you’re failing..

Hugging the cold.

 Daylight more precious than gold.

Autumn be Summer.

The woman of madness.

of loose morals.

of mischief.

Blooming her flowery buds.

Autumn ,

Be bright,

Be vibrant,

Be there.

Protecting your children with tender care.

Instead you rot ,

Turn brighteness to decay.

You back stabbing beast.

No one wants you to stay.

 Winter , the Ice Queen will get in your way 

The power of icicles jabbing your heart.

The frosty breath killing your soul.

Leaving a trail of death as she walks through the land.

Autumn she’ll kill you if you don’t flee.

Go..Go away now!

Go be free.