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July favorites

  • So as you all know I’m quite late to the beauty and fashion game . I felt like I could never do anything creative with favourites because they’re purely based on opinion and nothing more. I’ve decided to join in with the fun and share my favourites because why the heck not.


    •  First up in the monthly favourites are my favourite haircare products. I haven’t told you this but I am planning to donate my hair to the little princesses charity who make wigs out of any hair that is donated. I used to get my hair cut every six weeks because I used to like it a certain length, but now I’m seeing the Rapunzel side of things and it is so long. Although I’ve still got a way to go before it’s the right length to be cut as I don’t want it too short. As a consequence my hair is getting very ,very dry a problem which I have never had before. To conquer this I am using a Pantene hair oil which is amazing and very easy to use . I usually make a cup of tea stick in the oil then leave it in then put it on my hair. It’s incredibly easy to use and leaves my hair silky with no oily residue left behind.

    • Second is the lush smugglers soul shampoo bar. I love the shampoo bars ,they are quite expensive at over £6 per bar ,but I find they are worth the hefty price tag. Firstly they are easy to carry around if you are traveling or staying at a friends and they last for ages. They are also very long lasting , for me I used to wash my hair every other day ,now I’m washing my hair 1 to 2 times a week due to lack of oil residue. Also due to the lack of packaging you’re also saving the planet. I find the smugglers soul bar very nourishing for my hair which is always a plus.
    • My final hair care favourite is the John Freda Frizz Ease conditioner. My mum managed to pick me up a 500ml formula for a couple of pounds from TK Maxx. The formula is very thick and creamy, perfect for my hair and stops any unwanted frizz.


    I’ve had acne since the age of nine so skincare is a big must of mine. Luckily my acne is going but I still take care of my skin. I was watching a YouTube video and a makeup artist Lisa eldridge (I think) was saying that people with acne,despite having acne have better skin than people without acne. This is purely because people with acne take better care of their skin than people who don’t . 

    • One of my favorites is the lush Dark Angels (I’m not sponsored I promise) it’s very exfoliating but very gentle at the same time not irritating my acne. It uses black charcoal and sugar to exfoliate the skin , avocado oil also helps to moisturise the skin afterwards.

    • I also like to use the lush oatifix face mask which I got as an act of kindness. It exfoliates and moistures my skin without leaving it too greasy.


    • I love makeup I don’t use it as a mask anymore , I use it to enhance my features and try and show my personality through it. I don’t tend to have a lot of makeup as I don’t think I need a lot and I think hoarding it takes the enjoyment out.
    • My  first favourite is the Dolce Vita palette by Charlotte Tilbury.  I managed to get it fairly cheap as I used a survey site which gave me £25 in vouchers so it took the price down considerably. I’m quite a fan it’s very easy to create an amazing eye look , there are so many looks you can create and the Charlotte Tilbury YouTube channel has really helped me. They feel incredibly light on the eyes and there is barely any fallout and the colours blend amazingly together. 

    (Sorry about the picture I know it doesn’t do the product justice)

    •  A second favorite is the Hoola bronze by benefit cosmetics. I love the matte finish. I recently got the mini bronzer as a gift for my 18th in February and there is still quite a bit left in it. However I feel the colour is quite dark and orange for my pale skin.


      • I’m not really into fashion, I don’t follow the latest trends, I prefer to be individual and wear things that are ‘me’. I call myself the girl with the purple dockers because when I first created this blog I had a beautiful pair of purple doc martens. After wearing them for two years the leather had started coming off and they’re discontinued. Luckily there has been a Doc Marten sale , I’m a wide foot so I find it extremely difficult. Luckily I found a beautiful pair of red loafers with tassel detailing. They are a dark red colour but will get more vibrant as I wear them.

          So that sums up my months favourites, just a quick disclaimer I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. So if you have any favorites that you’d recommend leave them in the favourites below ,I’d love to hear them.

           While you’re here I’d just like to point you to my friends blog ,he’s new to WordPress and when you’re new it’s very difficult to gain readers . He’s a thoroughly talented writer blogging about a variety of topics from fashion to lifestyle 

          So all I’ll say is thank you very much for reading , I really appreciate it . I’ll see you in my next post.

          ~The Girl With Purple Dockers