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The daunting first blog

I stare at this blank screen, not knowing what to write; Questioning will people like me? Will they want to read my blog? Am I good enough to be a blogger?  

Daunting questions tiptoeing around my mind like small child doing something naughty. Knowing they shouldn’t be present but still are.

I need to think positively,keep writing!

I will start from the beginning;that’s a very good place to start ((I’m sure you had the sound of music track in your head)). I am an A level student, I will be starting my second year of college *yay* on Tuesday. I am currently studying English literature, Sociology and Geography ((hard stuff)). Basically I know how to talk to people,how to find places on a map and read .

I have a passion for English literature. You can usually find me housed in a library skimming my fingers over the spine of novels, listening to their seductive whispers.

I love the smell of old books;  when I  open the novel the dusty cinnamon smell of the pages wafts up my nostrils like a welcome home gift; instantly making me feel at ease.
I love being curled up in bed ,late at night with a marsh-mellow hot chocolate beside me ;nestled snug under the duvet between the brown pages of a  novel.There is something romantic about it; imagining I’m part of MI5 taking part in a mission to stop evil cats gaining dominion over the world, or a woman having a good romp with her lover..Only to find out ten years later he’s gay. 

Theatre is another obsession of mine; I feel like Victor Frankenstein zapping thousands of electric currents into a corpse; or in this case giving life to a bundle of words scattered on a page. I lust for creating characters ,making them seem as believable as I can. I want to create imaginary worlds on bare boards.I also enjoy watching theatre whether it be musicals,comedy ,horror or a drama.

I’m not particularly going to give my blog a theme; I will feel restricted.  Being an Aquarius I hate that ,I like to feel free. The only thing I am going to put on here is things I am devoted to writing about. I will try to write two blog posts ((Maybe three)) depending on how busy my schedule is.

To say I couldn’t think of what to write ,I think I’ve done a pretty good job of getting things down on the blank space. The final thing to say is thank you for reading ; if you’d like to please give me a cheeky follow .

“Literature is mankinds response to the world around him or her.”.                            ~David Nicholls, Starter for ten.