Facts about me

I didn’t want to write this as a main blog post; I thought it was slightly narcissist and although it may inform my current followers it may not have as wide a reach. Therefore people who come and visit my blog could come and have a look here and see if they’d want to follow or not.

1.) The name Girl With Purple Dockers stemmed from the love of the colour purple. After I finished secondary school almost two years ago I refused to wear black shoes. I  also have a wide foot problem ((sorry for telling you my life story)) meaning I can only wear certain shoes; so my shoes of choice are Doc Martens which are amazing and so comfortable. 

2.) I am left handed, us left handed folk are supposed to be amazing at maths , I am an exception as it is something I’ve always struggled with. I am really awful at cutting bread ,cheese and things in general.

3.) I feel like I was born 19 years too late, something of an old soul..

4.)I love CAKE!

5.) My favourite book ever is Atonement.